ADDvance Coaching guides learning-challenged young adults through difficult life transitions. Our telephone coaching sessions are customized to help individuals achieve their goals. Most sessions are with the young adults and adjusted to their pace. We also strongly encourage periodic joint telephone sessions with their parents to support new awareness and practices.

  • The Need. For a seed to grow, it must receive nourishment from water, the sun and nutrients. Similarly, individuals with ADD / ADHD who have learning challenges need to receive all of the conditions for success to grow to their full potential.
  • Target Clients. ADDvance Coaching is geared especially for young adults with ADD or similar learning challenges who are –
    • Seeking a successful transition to college;
    • Having difficulty succeeding in college; or
    • Starting out in their careers.
  • Why Coaching? The price and difficulty of college increases every year. Competition in the job market continues to rise. Living in this hectic world as an adult with learning difficulties can be daunting.

    Coaching focuses on specific areas of concern for individuals. Coaching can help young adults increase their ability to enter and succeed in college, a career, and life as an adult.
  • The Coaches. We offer practical solutions and advice for both young adults and parents about what’s worked for us in managing ADD through major transitions.
  • We help individuals with ADD become self-aware and self starters to create an environment that is ideally suited for them to succeed. We also help their parents provide the right amount of support, structure, and independence.
  • Coaching Process. Coaching sessions are 45 minutes long and done over the telephone. We find that scheduling weekly sessions reinforces learning and maintains progress.
  • Progress Sessions. We encourage a joint quarterly telephone session with young adults and their parents.
  • Awareness Coaching. Awareness is the underlying issue for individuals with ADD. They can remember things in their long-term memory, but have trouble getting them there in the first place.

    Our coaches address individual situations to help create attitudes, systems, and support needed for success. To improve awareness, we also help individuals build healthy life habits.
  • Outcomes of Coaching. There are no cookie-cutter solutions for success since every individual has different needs.

    As our client, depending on your specific needs and goals, ADDvance Coaching helps you--
    • Maximize your success through a team of coach advocates;
    • Build memory systems to keep track of your stuff, appointments, and assignments;
    • Organize your space and time;
    • Raise your self-esteem by normalizing problems that otherwise may be overwhelming;
    • Monitor the way foods makes you feel to find the right diet;
    • Balance your activities (sleeping, exercising, socializing, relaxing, studying, etc.);
    • Sharpen your memory through awareness, training, brain games and;
    • Understand your distractions and how to control your environment;
    • Use mindfulness, stress reduction and boundaries when you feel overwhelmed or behind; and
    • Find your voice to assert yourself skillfully.
    • Shape career goals and plans to attain them

ADDvance Case Study. Heather, one of our ADDvance coaching clients is 16, a soccer star, and seeking more independence from her nagging Mom for her last 2 years of high school. She hopes to win a soccer scholarship to college. Heather lost her iphone, kept forgetting to close the garage, was having difficulty managing her daily schedule, procrastinating on her homework, then staying up late to cram, and feeling tired much of the time. We helped Heather develop -- memory systems for keeping track or her stuff, new ways to focus on her studies, organization systems for managing her schedule, more attention to the details & not over-scheduling, diet changes to have more energy, and practices to start each day with meditation and reflection on the day ahead.

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