Our coaching process is designed to provide a detailed picture of your current leadership capabilities, leverage core talents, and accelerate development on key opportunities. You will:

  • hold up a mirror to learn more about your talents and opportunities
  • set specific behavior change objectives
  • build your coaching/mentoring capacity
  • live new behaviors in the organization

1-on-1 Assessment. You will receive an individualized assessment and candid feedback about your current leadership capabilities. We employ a Deep 360 Feedback Process that allows you to understand in specific details and examples how your leadership behaviors affect others. You will discover untapped capabilities that could be leveraged as well as missing or ineffective areas of your leadership.

Leadership Growth. We summarize your strengths, core talents, growth opportunities, and development goals in a detailed Leadership Growth Plan. We analyze leadership behaviors you need to do more of, less of or differently. We recommend a coaching approach, providing customized Leadership Tools for specific skill development and behavior change.

On-going Development. Great leaders go beyond their given role to fully manifest their unique qualities and purpose. We co-create a leadership success model and provide Coaching Sessions on the behaviors needed to reach your personal mission and business goals. We illustrate how changing leadership behaviors accelerates business success. We provide on-going coaching sessions by phone and email to:

  • Facilitate Relationship Dialogue to improve important or challenging relationships
  • Conduct Reality Testing to observe and refine new leadership behaviors in work settings
  • Partner with leaders who complement your strengths and opportunities for Peer Coaching