LifeWork Coaching will raise the roof of your energy bringing increased vitality and higher performance into your work and life. This is an opportunity to take an in-depth journey to deepen understanding of life patterns, develop into a more successful performer, and create a more satisfying approach to life. Our aim is to unleash radiant health, sense of well-being, and renewed capability to use your full energy. We’ll be working as a team to support your growth to be as balanced, healthy and fulfilled as possible. Our goal is to help you fully engage your core talents and deliver your gifts to the world.

LifeWork topics include:
1. LifeWheel. Examine and enhance your life balance.
2. LifeTraits. Analyze your positive & negative traits, strengths and challenges.
3. LifeLine. Explore life learnings that have shaped you.
4. LifeShocks. Reflect on turning points in life that created a change in course.
5. Body for Life. Renew your physical body to enhance vitality & longevity.
6. LifePartners. Compare personality, styles and values in your key relationships.
7. LifeChange. Create a behavior change contract.
8. LifeMap. Build a personal strategic plan.
9. Daily Life. Commit to the habits for living your fully engaged life.
10. LifeLegacy. Learn how to leverage your core talents to create your legacy.