1. Conduct an in-depth Executive Interview with the leader to understand background, aspirations, strengths, and opportunities
  2. Conduct 360 Interviews to collect candid meaningful, and specific feedback from 10-12 peers, superiors, subordinates, customers and other colleagues.
  3. Prepare a detailed Leadership Growth Plan (LGP) summarizing the feedback
    • Candidly discuss core talents and opportunities
    • Suggest behavior changes
    • Provide learning resources / tools
  4. Share summarized In-Depth Feedback
  5. Create a Executive Coaching Plan
  6. Begin Executive Coaching using Leadership and Personal Growth Tools: LifeWheel. Examine and enhance your life balance.
    • LifeTraits. Analyze your positive & negative traits.
    • LifeLine. Explore life learnings that have shaped you.
    • LifeShocks. Reflect on turning points in life.
    • Body for Life. Renew your physical vitality & longevity.
    • LifePartners. Compare styles & values in relationships.
    • LifeChange. Create a behavior change contract.
    • LifeMap. Build a personal strategic plan.
    • Daily Life. Commit to habits for living an engaged life.
  7. Chart a career path—lattice or ladder
  8. Partner for Peer Coaching with mentors, role models, & other talents