Our process is designed to help the team:

  • Build on core talents of each member
  • Understand and enhance patterns of success
  • Identify blind spots and blockages
  • Refine behaviors for working with each other
  • Create an aligned plan for implementing change
  • Build partnerships for working with other teams

Team Map. Using interview and assessments, we explore the styles of team members individually. We then map team roles and relationships to portray how individual talents play out in team dynamics. We discuss team strengths and engage leaders in sharing feedback for leveraging each others talents. Members coach each others on using their talents to enhance business value.

Blind Spots & Opportunities. We explore the shadow side of different styles and discuss team blind spots and improvement. opportunities. We candidly discuss performance opportunities and work on team development opportunities.

Action Learning. We observe the team in action and provide feedback on team behaviors, interaction patterns and expressed values. We facilitate Team Sessions that illicit different aspects of working together, build trust, and create cohesiveness.

Team Structure and Operations. We strengthen your leading and managing process. We facilitate alignment within and across teams.